Comptabilite is an agency, which has already gained has already gained the trust of both commercial companies, including foreign capital companies and individuals doing business. These companies include service and production entities. Each of my clients is my most important client. But we’d like to gain confidence in the state.

I offer a full range of accounting services. I handle most of the paperwork associated with establishing or running a business. Assure representation from offices, writing letters to the authorities. We can receive documents from the client.

I provide information to the owners or for the Board on the cost of sales, the result for the reporting period. Information about taxes, social security contributions is transmitted by email before the due date , do not have to keep ringing up to inquire . Guarantee ongoing cooperation .

I have legal support a well as IT.

I avoid cookie cutter approach to customers. Respecting your time and contacts are limited to a minimum.

Prices for services are set individually. Depending on the type of contracted work. For those starting out preferential prices always suggest that they can spread their wings.